Thursday, October 30, 2008


city tour in a limousine

Southern California is a haven for tourists as the area is rife with tourist attractions and plenty of sites to see. The community at the center of this draw is Orange County and its multiple amusement parks. As expected Disneyland is one of the top draws in Orange County as is Knott’s Berry Farm and its famous fried chicken dinners. There are then the sports venues such as The Anaheim Pond, Anaheim Convention Center, and The Staples Center located in nearby Los Angeles.

The local attractions throughout both Orange and Los Angeles Counties draw out even county residents and since the area is already highly populated getting around town can be difficult, particularly for a families  on vacation who may not be familiar with the area. If you’re visiting the south land your time is probably fairly limited and you want to be sure that you get to where you’re going on time and with as much comfort as possible. After all that’s what a trip or vacation is for…to relax!
family vacation limo 

Excel Fleet Limo’s knows how difficult and stressful it can be to make your way around town in Southern California and offers city tours in its Orange County limos so that visitors can enjoy the sights and get to destinations in comfort and on time. Riding around Orange and Los Angeles County in style allows you to kick back let someone else worry about sitting in traffic. Our city limo tour limos come with all the amenities you’d expect too. Radio’s, televisions, and even laptops are all options you can select for your tour of Southern California.

So when you do decide to come to Southern California consider renting an Orange County limo not only to make it a more relaxing trip but to enhance the visit with a little luxury. Once you’ve made travel arrangements be sure to contact us and book your limo!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Orange County Limo Services

orange county limo service
There are a number of reasons why people consider renting a limo. Perhaps you're going to need limo services to get to and from a wedding or perhaps you'd like to arrive in style for a corporate event. Whatever the reasoning behind renting a limousine one things for certain. Traveling via limo allows you to begin celebrating before arriving at a party and to prepare last minute documents and even speeches before arriving at a business or corporate meeting.

Excel Fleet Limo offers a large number of different services for clients to take advantage of. Orange County limos are available for the following:
In addition to the many different limo services we offer, we also have a large number of different types of cars. With so many to choose from, there's a car for everyone! When you call to book our services, you may choose from these cars:
  • Elegant Lincoln Limousine
  • Spacious Lincoln Limousine
  • Golden Spirit Excalibur Style Limousine
  • Silver Cloud Excalibur Style Limousine
  • Our One Of A Kind Hummer H2
  • Our Elegant Cadillac Escalade
  • Our Comfortable Sedan
Should you be planning to to attend an event or some type of celebration contact us today to book your car!

A Safe And Memorable Night Out with a Limousine

Residents of Southern California have numerous options at their disposal when it's time for a celebration. The south land is filled with bars, clubs, amusement parks, and high class venues that are used for events such as weddings and reunion type of events. Though everyone loves a party or celebration, there's one aspect of celebrating that no one likes. Getting to and from a celebration is something that often keeps people from completely enjoying an event. This holds true especially if one plans to consume alcoholic beverages or plans to be out extremely late.

Going to parties and leaving parties with friends is much more fun than going separately. One way to do this is by carpooling however a limousine is a much better and more popular alternative. Regardless of the event renting a limousine allows friends and/or family to ride to an event in style and comfort. Those who spend a night on the town in a limo have described the experience as memorable and fun. That's because riding in a limo provides an intimate atmosphere for passengers which allows friends to bond and create good memories.

Excel Fleet Limo offers affordable and professional Orange County Limos to residents of Southern California. Make your night out a memorable and safe one by renting a limo and cruising Orange County in style. Contact us today to book your limo!